Network Optimisation and VoIP Bandwidth Solutions

Bandwidth may be a commodity, but it can be an expensive one. Service providers need to plan capacity effectively but they also need to scale up and down to ensure they can meet peak demands.

This means that they are constantly challenged to allocate the right bandwidth for their business – to have enough capacity to meet demand, but without over-spending on costly links.

International and satellite links are particularly expensive. World Telecom Labs unique and patented network optimisation solutions enable more efficient use of VoIP bandwidth, saving you money. They ensure you can plan capacity more effectively, delivering immediate benefits and rapid ROI.

In addition to helping you make the most of available capacity, they also help ensure consistent QoS by delivering higher-quality calls, which can increase customer satisfaction and deliver a better overall customer experience.

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Avoid over-investment and manage costs

Our VoIP bandwidth saving solutions help you avoid over-investment and manage costs. The increased capacity we can deliver in point-to-point connections means you benefit from greater predictability and can invest more to help your business grow.

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Plan network capacity to meet real demand

The flexibility to add more capacity and to increase call quality to existing links means you can scale your business more easily, use assets more efficiently and avoid additional costs, helping your business grow. We give you better quality, higher throughput and more value.

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Maximise returns from satellite connections

Satellite connectivity is costly but often essential. Optimising your network traffic for satellite delivers immediate returns, enabling more calls to pass over the same links without additional investment. Our patented algorithms deliver better performance in demanding conditions.

Proven in space and offering more bandwidth for data

In addition to reducing the bandwidth required for voice, our network optimisation solutions also increase the capacity for data traffic on shared links. This ensures that there is capacity for multiple services, which can be particularly useful in remote locations for which shared links are the only option.

The technology was developed as the result of a projected funded by the European Space Agency (ESA). It was funded through ARTES, ESA’s Research in Telecommunications Systems programme, with the objective of simplifying the task of conveying VoIP traffic over satellite links to enable commercial launch of such services. As a result of this activity, WTL has been in the forefront of VoIP network optimisation research and development for more than a decade.

  • Protecting your business and delivering high quality and performance

    Our bandwidth optimisation solution is also optimised to protect against attacks and service blocking. It helps you cope more effectively with peaks and flows of demand. It delivers the surplus capacity when you need it, securely and with the right quality for your customers.