Value Added Service Delivery for Revenue Generation

Service providers must try to increase margins and grow revenue. They need to offer richer services that attract revenue premiums, such as gaming, money transfer, payments, voting and classical prepaid cards, which will help to build a more loyal and engaged subscriber base. Value-added services attract better prices and increase revenue for each user account.

Value Added Service delivery requires flexible solutions that can deliver services across any network. They need secure account activation, authentication and accounting solutions to ensure that customer needs are met while protecting revenue and nurturing accounts.

World Telecom Labs has been helping service providers with rich value added service delivery for many years. Our expertise ensures that you can offer the right portfolio and deliver the right experience to your customers, across any network.

You can easily add attractive services such as pre- and post-paid calling, callback services, or even launch a complete Call Shop. It helps service providers enhance margins and bring services to more clients, particularly when credit is difficult to obtain. Premium access numbers and non-geographic services, such as Freephone numbers, can be supported, as well as multiple languages with the ability to record your own customised announcements.

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Add rich pre-paid services and grow revenues

Diversify your portfolio and offer more compelling services that add value and enhance margins. Better, richer services enhance customer stickiness and help you grow your business effectively and securely.

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The flexibility, scale and proven performance of our solutions, backed by our agility and expertise means you can easily deliver new services and confidently invest in your business.

Real-time credit control and accurate billing records

Generating revenue is only part of the challenge for service providers and operators. Capturing revenue is of equal importance. The provision of timely, accurate bills to your customers to ensure revenue collection and the prevention of fraud are fundamental to the success of any service. This means you need a powerful platform that enables you to create invoices, track expenditure, manage accounts and create reports.

As businesses grow, they can become more complex. World Telecom Labs’ billing and charging solutions mean you never lose sight of what matters: what your customers are spending, where are how, which means you can track costs simply and effectively.

They also support a diverse range of partnerships, helping you extend your business through resellers and hosted service providers by allowing you to set up multi-tenancy structures, and enabling access through a clear, simple, user interface.

Enforce credit limits and prevent service abuse

Capturing revenue means that you need to protect it too. You need to be able to enforce credit limits and prevent service abuse, while giving customers flexibility and building trusted relationships. This means that you need the ability to track real-time service consumption, so that you can enforce agreed limits and terminate sessions when credit limits are reached, preventing negative balances.

Accuracy is essential. Our revenue capture solutions include the provision of accurate CDRs that can be used as the basis of complete bills or else integrated into third party apps, allowing all data to be checked.

  • Simple account activation and management

    Manage all accounts, from customers to resellers from a single portal, with clear visibility of what’s going on. Accurate, up-to-date information regarding income and costs, and built-in fraud detection protects your assets.

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  • Keep track of your key asset: your revenue

    Accurate, up-to-date information regarding income and costs, enabling you to secure both the big-picture and zoom into the lowest level of detail. Know where your money is and make sure you get it, preventing fraud.