SMS Hub Solutions for SS7, SIGTRAN and SMPP

SMS is still a popular and valuable service, but SMS delivery can be costly. It’s not just customers that need SMS – many applications also use messaging service to deliver notifications, alerts and alarms.

In the same way, messaging must also cater for Application to Person (A2P) traffic. A2P is an essential link between commerce and customers and offers solid growth potential. This is because, despite the growth of instant messaging platforms, SMS remains a ubiquitous means of reaching anyone with a mobile device. As such, it’s an essential link between mobile subscribers and to enable them to be reached.

To provide efficient messaging services, you need to interconnect efficiently with multiple carriers, taking advantage of the best rates, so you can meet customer demand and deliver an efficient service at the best prices.

To solve this challenge, you need a powerful, flexible SMS hub that has the performance and scale to deliver your traffic, with the flexibility to form new interconnections and enable optimised route selection. It’s essential to be able to support a mix of connectivity options, including traditional SS7, SS7 over IP (SIGTRAN), as well as SMPP.

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Flexibility is critical, as rates change frequently and you need to be able to be agile, building new interconnections and switching traffic to the best provider, whenever you need to.

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An SMS hub from World Telecom Labs enables you to solve your messaging challenges and to deliver a dependable, cost-effective service that maximises your profits, giving you whatever connectivity model you need.

Easily build SMS interconnections to create a messaging hub

Proven, world-leading SS7 and IP interconnection capabilities mean you can easily establish new interconnection points, increasing diversity, adding more choice and benefiting from better offers. Our expertise ensures you can cope with any signalling requirement.

Reliable, secure and high performing

World Telecom Labs provide the reliability and performance you need to support your business. Our solutions solve any messaging challenge and can be deployed in any environment, providing a cost-effective foundation for your business.

  • Flexible and agile, the right business partner

    Service providers need flexible messaging solutions that can be adapted to meet any requirement. Agility is critical to business success. We have decades of experience in helping our partners grow profitably and securely, with the agility to adapt to fast-changing markets.