SIP Residential and Enterprise Connectivity Solutions

Delivering effective, reliable connectivity services is challenging. To ensure success, you need a solution that enables residential and enterprise connectivity to be delivered across any domain and that provides attractive, easy to use services, cost-effectively.

World Telecom Labs can help you deliver fully converged services, covering voice, data, fixed and mobile into any environment, backed with simple billing and customer account activation. We offer a complete portfolio of SIP residential and enterprise connectivity solutions.

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Our expertise, gained from hundreds of deployments around the world means we know how to help build out and extend your network, with attractive services that generate rapid investment returns, cost-effectively and quickly. It means you can offer residential services in any area and to deliver business-class enterprise connectivity.

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World Telecom Labs also helps service providers to offer rich broadband services to enterprise customers, reliably and profitably. Our enterprise connectivity solutions support fully converged services across legacy and NGN infrastructure, with the assurance of an integrated, highly scalable SIP and VoIP Session Border Controller.

Deliver SIP residential and enterprise connectivity, in any location

Our solutions support any network, enabling you to mix fixed mobile and satellite connectivity. This ensures you can reach your customers and offer attractive services, wherever they are and by whatever means available.

Protect and assure multi-service networks

Flexible, scalable VoIP Session Border Controllers with integrated NGN and legacy protocols protect enterprise networks while connecting with CPE solutions, ensuring quality of service and high capacity to meet any demand.