Rural Connectivity Solutions

Delivering voice and Internet services to rural communities has become one of the most pressing issues in telecoms today. Connecting the unconnected can unlock latent benefits for local populations, local businesses, entrepreneurs and service providers, stimulating growth and creating value.

The economics of delivering such solutions have meant that creating a business case has proven to be a difficult challenge. Today, WTL is changing the game with a unique, innovative solution that dramatically lowers the cost of connecting the unconnected.

The introduction of WTL’s rural connectivity solution, Vivada, is a flexible game-changer that makes such investments not only sustainable, but also profitable. Crucially, Vivada enables the provision of services from multiple providers across a shared infrastructure, which enables more stakeholders to take part and reduces the total cost of ownership further. It also disrupts traditional models, as it enables exactly the kind of collaborative, entrepreneurial approach that investment in rural infrastructure needs to unlock to reduce individual risk and to share more widely the benefits.

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Deliver flexible rural connectivity, to any location

Our solutions support any network, enabling you to mix fixed mobile and satellite connectivity. This ensures you can reach your customers and offer attractive services, wherever they are and by whatever means available.

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Low CAPEX and OPEX, delivering rapid ROI

Vivada means that operators and entrepreneurs can rapidly deploy their services and build a profitable business, seeing ROI within 15 months, even in situations in which target sites are off-grid or have irregular and unreliable power supplies.

Deploy cost-effective and sustainable GSM and data networks

Vivada provides everything operators need to deploy cost-effective and sustainable GSM and data networks in rural areas. By using WTL’s Vivada solution, operators can deliver connectivity services to all types of users with varying telecoms budgets including GSM for every type of handset, WiFi connectivity for smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs; connectivity to cybercafés or hotspot call cabins; and provide money transfer services.

It’s time perceptions were changed. Connecting the unconnected no longer relies on good intentions or solutions that are not sustainable. There is now a clear, simple way to achieve these goals which can be profitable, allowing more people to play their part.

Low power and high-quality compression delivers outstanding performance

Vivada operates on less than 200W which can be supplied by solar cells with battery back-up. In addition, WTL’s patented compression techniques can also reduce bandwidth requirements and satellite back-haul costs by up to 50%. A complete OSS/BSS solution is also included.

  • Complete, end-to-end solution with full OSS/BSS support

    Vivada includes full national and international carrier interconnection options, with flexible, scalable VoIP Session Border Controller and integrated NGN and legacy protocols to protect networks and ensure quality of service and high capacity to meet any demand.