SIP and SS7 Interconnection Solutions

If you are a service provider, you’ll know that SIP and SS7 interconnection is a complex and never-ending challenge. Each time you interconnect with another provider, there is testing to be done, requirements to be exchanged and stable service to be delivered.

You need to ensure the process proceeds smoothly and, once completed, that each interconnection point performs reliably, all the time – and meets relevant regulatory and legal requirements.

Changing interconnection profiles is also essential in order to capitalise on new routes and the best available prices. That’s why you need secure, reliable SIP and SS7 interconnection and switching solutions that offer flexibility, scalability and the reliability to ensure services are enabled and delivered securely and profitably.

Different carriers have different interconnection requirements. To thrive as a service provider, you need to be able to exchange traffic with any carrier that can help boost your business, with the flexibility to change routing and switching processes, quickly. Today’s competitive landscape demands agility – our solutions provide the foundation that leads to sustained business success. We have decades of experience in delivering powerful, cost-effective SIP and SS7 interconnection solutions.

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Any interconnection protocol you may need

Our expertise includes variants such as SIP-I and NGN SIGTRAN as well as a wide range of SS7 country-specific versions. This means we can help you with any interconnection protocol you may need, enabling you to quickly establish the interconnection and switching routes and relationships you need.

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Field-proven interconnect and switching solutions

Our interconnect and switching solutions are field-proven and deliver outstanding performance and reliability, with the scalability to grow with your business.

Build and maintain an extensive SIP and SS7 interconnection portfolio

Proven, world-leading SS7 and IP interconnection and switching capabilities, including multiple variants, SIP / SIP-I and SIGTRAN mean you can easily establish new interconnection points, increasing diversity and benefiting from better offers, while ensuring compliance with LI obligations.

Reliable, secure and high performing

World Telecom Labs provide the carrier-grade reliability and performance you need to support and grow your business, with outstanding failover and resilience features. Our solutions offer huge capacity and sustained throughput to ensure they can meet your growth requirements.

  • Flexible and agile, the right business partner

    Service providers need flexible interconnection solutions that can be adapted to meet any requirement. Agility is critical to business success. We have decades of experience in helping our partners grow profitably and securely, with the agility to adapt to fast-changing markets.