Make the most of your bandwidth with Network Optimisation Protocol for VoIP

Network Optimisation Protocol (NOP) is a unique, patented product that enables more efficient use of VoIP bandwidth over costly satellite and IP links, at higher quality. By deploying World Telecom Labs’ NOP-capable solutions, more VoIP traffic can be passed across each link, with fewer packets and with a significantly reduced overhead.

SIP and H.323 protocols have hidden inefficiencies, which limit the amount of calls that can be transported across a given bandwidth. NOP overcomes these limitations by reducing the overhead required, so more calls can be carried, dramatically reducing your costs. It maintains call quality, even at compression rates of <7Kb/s. It can be used for long-distance trunking and backhaul applications, as well as at the network edge for easily and efficiently extending connectivity.

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Optimised, efficient routing for backhaul, satellite and more

NOP is particularly useful where costly infrastructure, such as satellite links, is involved. By connecting directly with satellite modems, the PVx bandwidth gateway can immediately convert incoming SIP / H.323 calls from any source to NOP for transmission. A corresponding PVx gateway at the other end of the link performs the reverse translation, delivering standard SIP and H.323 traffic to onward destinations. It is proven in multiple deployments, with high traffic loads and zero downtime.

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Optimised traffic between multiple IP routes

The PVx can also be combined with World Telecom Labs’ Payload Switching technique, enabling optimised traffic to be routed between multiple IP routes. In addition to deployment in dedicated appliances, NOP can also be enabled in virtualised solutions, increasing flexibility and choice. It supports Point to Point and more complex configurations, as required.

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Our range of VoIP bandwidth saving products includes:

  • Mini-PVx
  • SPVx
  • HPVx

Make the most of costly bandwidth

Capitalise on NOP to send more traffic over your satellite and IP links. This dramatically improves efficiency and enables you to save money, contributing to enhanced profit.

Proven in the most demanding conditions

NOP has been built to cope with the demands of satellite transmission and high-performance IP links. It scales effortlessly to enhance capacity and meet throughput requirements, while delivering outstanding performance.

Simple to deploy and compatible with existing solutions

Deploying PVx gateways is simple, fast and efficient. They easily interwork with existing infrastructure, helping you get to market quickly and without disruption. When more capacity is required, more units can be added to provide scale