Vivada remote and rural mobile connectivity

Vivada is a complete, turnkey solution that enables the delivery of voice and data connectivity solutions to remote and rural locations. It provides everything that is required to deliver connectivity, offer services and manage reseller and subscriber accounts.

Vivada includes micro-BTS capabilities that enable cellular mobile coverage to be delivered quickly and cost effectively. It offers both local GSM and WiFi coverage, as well as IP backhaul to a transit or external macro-cellular network. The IP backhaul is optimised through the use of WTL’s patented NOP technology, which offers more efficient use of the available capacity, allowing more concurrent calls to be delivered over a given bandwidth, saving costs and increasing ROI. Satellite backhaul can also be supported, if other infrastructure is unavailable, ensuring that connectivity can be delivered even in the most remote locations.

Alternatively, Vivada can allow self-contained networks that include all necessary operational, billing and OSS elements to be established, with calls being routed locally, with backhaul or interconnection to external networks. With Vivada, entrepreneurs and MVNOs can easily provide cost-effective remote and rural mobile connectivity, while MNOs can close gaps in coverage and extend their networks.

Vivada includes the following key components:

  • Small cell radio access
  • Satellite modem
  • Billing and OSS
  • Optimised satellite routing solutions from WTL
  • Multi-service SBC and SS7 over IP platforms from WTL

The micro-cellular approach allows additional sites to be deployed, so that coverage can be increased, delivering voice and data to more locations with the same core technology.

Network evolution to LTE and VoLTE

In addition to offering standard GSM connectivity, Vivada can be upgraded to 3GPP LTE coverage. This involves local replacement of the BTS with LTE radio access and a full EPC. Both FDD and TDD modes can be supported, covering both paired and unpaired spectrum, according to 3GPP standards.

A single micro cell supports up to 128 concurrent sessions, while the EPC core can handle up to 5000 sessions, and be deployed as a distributed or centralised solution. The EPC includes HSS, MME and SGW / PGW components, and is fully compatible with WTL’s multi-service softswitch for session control. A rich VoIP (SIP) client provides a migration path to VoLTE.

Vivada is deployed and in-service in multiple locations, demonstrating how remote and rural mobile connectivity can be provided profitably and with scalable, high-performance technology. It has won numerous awards and provides an easily replicable template for connecting the unconnected.

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Complete partnership model for MVNOs and MNOs

Vivada enables cost-effective connectivity for the most remote regions, allowing MVNOs to effectively extend cellular networks while allowing MNOs to fully utilise their spectrum and reducing the risk of coverage extension.

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Integrated OSS / BSS with billing, account and subscriber management

Vivada View provides web-based pre and post-paid billing, subscriber and account management, with rich reporting and statistical information. It offers multi-tier models for reseller recruitment, on-boarding and management.

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LTE migration for WiMAX replacement

A complete upgrade path to LTE enables licensed spectrum coverage, either to extend network reach or as a migration path to replace redundant WiMAX offers with 4G voice and data connectivity.

Solar and low power

Operational costs are minimised through the use of low-power solutions that can also be charged via solar energy, with storage batteries to allow deployment without the need for local power networks and 24x7 operation.