Subscriber management and billing – on-premises or in the cloud

SW Admin is a complete Subscriber Management platform from World Telecom Labs. It complements our complete range of products and ensures effective customer care, accurate billing and account management, regardless of the traffic type or the services that are available.

It is a complete solution that allows service providers, operators, business owners and their resellers to have easy access to the key features that drive their business. SW Admin enables effective, secure management of partners and subscribers for wholesale VoIP, IP telephony, pre- and post-paid accounts, call shops and more, while allowing account management for resellers and direct customers.

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Choose on-premises or cloud-based solutions

World Telecom Labs’ subscriber management, billing and customer care solutions are available as a complete package, integrated with our routing and signalling solutions, or from the cloud as an easy to adopt service.

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Powerful management tools for your business

SW Admin provides a single portal to enable service providers, operators and their resellers to manage all aspects of their business. It enables new carriers to be set up, rate management, services provisioning and more.

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Protect against fraud

World Telecom Labs’ billing solutions are fully secured against fraud. They offer different levels of access and full credit management that enables limits to be set against accounts, transactions and services.

Powerful tools for VoIP billing and customer care

World Telecom Labs also offers a complete cloud-based solution for the real-time billing of VoIP services. WebTL is based on a centralised web-server, enabling instant access to real-time billing, call activity and more for customers such as call shops, cyber cafes, SMEs, and residential users.

WebTL is easy to set up, as it requires no installation of software or hardware. It’s accessed by a browser interface, which means you quickly set up a complete billing infrastructure to support your VoIP business, with no CAPEX and a simple, OPEX model that helps control costs and manage your growth.

Pay and Call eShop for prepaid accounts

In addition to on-premises or hosted billing solutions, Pay and Call is also available. It’s a complete online portal and eShop that can be customised to meet the needs of prepaid business owners. It automates standard operations and processes, reducing costs.

Pay and Call offers online customer self-service and sign-up, backed by a secure payment gateway for collecting revenue, as well as automated service activation minimising the effort required from service providers and helping boost margins. It supports multi-level business models with secure access and rights management.

Our range of Management and Billing products includes:

  • Vivada View
  • WebTL Subscriber Management
  • Retail Portal
  • Monitoring Module
  • Switch Configuration Module