High-performance SS7 Signalling and Media Gateways for flexible deployment

SS7 signalling gateway

Interconnection with SS7 requires reliable, secure solutions. World Telecom Labs’ SS7 signalling gateways, the proven IPNx and SoIP products deliver the high-performance and throughput you need to guarantee robust interconnection with your partners for your voice, data and messaging traffic.

Built on Proven SS7 technology

The SoIP gateway leverages proven SS7 stacks, tried and tested in hundreds of deployments worldwide. They ensure compliance with different variants while allowing the flexibility to adapt to new requirements and include fully integrated protocol conversion functionality. In addition to a wide range of different variants for secure national and international interconnection, our products offer outstanding performance, with proven scale to more than 200 CPS and 250,000 BHCA.

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Reliable and scalable gateways for robust interconnection

SIP and H.323 support is also included and our customers can easily connect to different VoIP solutions. Traffic can be routed across any available interface. The SoIP Gateway can be used with existing media processing solutions or it can be deployed as a complete media and signalling solution with integration of other modules from our range.

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With the capacity to scale from single E1s to multiple STM1s, connect to classical SS7 or SIGTRAN, plus SIP and variants such as SIP-I, World Telecom Labs’ switches and gateways offer continuous uptime, redundant configurations and the power to support your business.

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Our range of high performance signalling and media gateways includes:

  • IPNx
  • SoIP
  • Protocol converters, offering seamless interworking between SS7, SIP, MAP, CAMEL and ISDN
  • Gateway MSC (G-MSC)
  • IPNx Media Gateways

Proven, agile SS7 performance

World Telecom Labs’ SS7 and signalling expertise has been proven over decades of successful deployments. We will ensure the successful deployment of your solution and that it meets the interconnection requirements demanded.

Redundant and reliable, sustaining continuous uptime

Our solutions are available in a range of redundant configurations that meet your network requirements. They have been engineered to deliver continuous uptime, delivering the SLA performance and costs savings you need

Scalable and powerful

The SoIP Gateway and IPNx Controller can grow with your business, adding links and traffic without any loss of performance. Wherever you start, you can be confident that our solution will grow with your business and deliver future-proof performance.

  • Features

    • Wide range of SS7 and SIGTRAN support, interconnected with hundreds of operators
    • Powerful call handling capabilities, supporting more than 200 CPS and 250K BHCA
    • Proven SIP, SIP-I and H.323, with proven interoperability with many vendors
    • SoIP / VoIP routing and any combination to support network evolution
    • Future proof scalability, allowing linear growth with no loss of performance
    • Backed by our outstanding global support and NOC