Flexible, scalable softswitch and multi-service SBC products

World Telecom Labs offers a complete range of NGN VoIP softswitch and multi-service SBC, including C4 functions for all VoIP and TDM requirements. They form a robust, scalable suite that forms the cornerstone of your business and supports your growth. Our products are deployed in hundreds of networks around the world, delivering outstanding performance and supporting a huge diversity of business needs.

We offer a flexible toolbox that enables you to deploy individual elements, such as our multi-service SBC, VoIP softswitch or C4 engine, or to combine different functionality into a powerful framework for our business. Broad protocol support enables seamless conversion between any connected interface.

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Cost-effective, powerful and easy to deploy

World Telecom Labs’ solutions are all designed to be cost effective and quick to deploy, enabling rapid ROI. They scale effectively too, which means you can easily start with a simple configuration and add capacity and functionality when you need it.

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Configurable toolkit for your VoIP and BB business

Software deployable modules mean that you can choose the functions you need to support any VoIP or BB business. When you want to add new features, additional modules can be activated, reducing network complexity and enhancing value.

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Class 4, VoIP, SS7, IVR, protected by multi-service SBC function

Integrated multi-service SBC functions mean that your VoIP assets are protected. This security means you can confidently extend your network and create new interconnection / peering relationships to capitalise on new partnerships and offers.

Protect your network and enhance flexibility

Our multi-service SBC product enables you protect your network and assets and to facilitate interconnection with peers, securely and safely. It’s backed by the powerful Soft IVR SS7 / VoIP softswitch controller, with integrated media server capabilities. Extensive transcoding support ensures compatibility with different media streams.

A complete C4 solution is available, enabling you to co-ordinate and manage your network and deliver rich services to subscribers. All softswitching functions are deployed in our high-performance PVx module, capable of high throughput and scale. Proven interconnection capabilities mean you can exchange traffic with any other carrier, maximising your flexibility. Integrated number manipulation and routing options offer powerful configuration options to meet a wide range of requirements.

Our products are available as dedicated appliances, with full HA architecture to provide robust reliability and high performance, or as virtualised instances that are fully compatible with NFV migration. The virtualised servers can also be enabled through ‘as a service’ OPEX models.

Our range of VoIP and Session Border Control products includes:

  • NGN VoIP Softswitch
  • Multi-service SBCs
  • Retail VoIP Softswitch