Powerful messaging and SMS hub

The SMS routing hub is a powerful platform that enables interconnection with any mobile network, application, or content provider to ensure successful messaging delivery. It helps service providers streamline interconnectivity with mobile network and other partners by providing a single, unified access point to reach destination networks.

By using World Telecom Labs’ SMS routing hub, you can build relationships with multiple service providers and offer them seamless routing capabilities, building a powerful profitable message hub service. Its flexibility means you can interconnect over any means – SS7 over IP (M3UA), legacy SS7 (MAP / TCAP) or SMPP for enterprise or content providers. In addition, USSD is supported, which enables service activation and interaction with users.

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Fully flexible routing

The SMS routing hub supports interfaces to legacy and NFGN networks, with any-to-any routing across IP and SS7. It also includes GTT routing, enabling it to be deployed as an STP or SG in your network.

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Sustainable, high performance

World Telecom Labs’ products are engineered to deliver, without performance loss as they grow. At high capacity, the SMS routing hub can sustain traffic at 1000 MSUs per second across multiple interconnection points.

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Build an effective messaging routing business

The SMS routing hub can be used to connect multiple service and content providers and enable them to easily reach the desired mobile network destinations and receive traffic. With rich CDRs, it gives you full control to create a rewarding business.

Scalable routing for global delivery

SMS remains an essential service but many operators are challenged to create the reach they need for reliable global delivery. The SMS routing hub solves this problem, cost-effectively and with the scale to meet all requirements.

The SMS routing hub is based on World Telecom Labs’ proven SS7 and IP expertise and has the flexibility to enable adaptation of individual SS7 messages and be deployed as an SG or STP node. Full GTT is supported and throughput can be sustained at 1000 MSUs per second.

Our range of Messaging and SMS hub products includes:

  • SMSC
  • G-SMSC