A range of powerful, flexible, SS7, Softswitch, SBC and SMS gateway products

We provide a complete range of products and solutions that solve key challenges for service providers. Our range of powerful, flexible SS7, Softswitch, SBC and SMS gateway products is based on class-leading technology and proven in hundreds of deployments around the world, ensuring optimum performance and reliability.

Our products are used to route billions of minutes each year and offer the scale and flexibility to deliver. They have proven reliability and can grow to meet your needs with no loss of performance or degradation.

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All of our products can be deployed as standalone platforms, or they can be integrated as modules, meaning that you can benefit from an all-in-one solution to meet the demands of almost any applications.

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Our architecture means that each of our products can run on any of the available hardware platforms. In addition, they can also be deployed in virtualised environments, making them fully compatible with NFV migration plans.

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We offer a complete range of products with the flexibility to meet any situation, scaling from an initial deployment all the way to full network coverage through multiple STM nodes.

Scalability and sustained performance

Start with the capacity you need and easily add more as your business grows. Our proven software ensures that performance is sustained, meaning that you will maximise ROI and enhance profitability.

  • Connect to any traffic and signalling interface

    World Telecom Labs’ products can connect to any traffic and signalling interface, from SS7 to IP, from E1 to STM and satellite within the same platform. All your needs can be met from a unified platform with the ability to add new interfaces as they are required.

  • Proven performance and reliability

    Our products have been deployed in hundreds of networks around the world, building unrivalled expertise that translates into the performance and reliability you need. Service providers around the world depend on us.

  • Find out more about our range of products for:

    • Management and billing
    • Media and Signalling Gateways
    • Rural Connectivity
    • SMS Hub
    • VAS
    • VoIP and Session Border Control
    • VoIP Bandwidth Saving