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Integrated, flexible, virtual.

The next wave of network transformation is underway. Alongside service migration to VoLTE, which is already delivering benefits to users in terms of quality, MNOs are also shifting to new virtualised network infrastructure to allow a common IT infrastructure to be used across all network elements.

The virtual infrastructure will deliver better economies of scale, allowing MNOs to more efficiently run and grow their networks. In addition, it will allow graceful expansion of capacity, through the activation of software-based resources rather than the traditional route of installing more specialised hardware.

It’s not just MNOs that are forging ahead with virtualisation. It’s a trend throughout the industry, as carriers and other providers deal with surging traffic (often caused by successful VoLTE service launches) and consider how they will extend their infrastructure to deal with both new sources of traffic and the demands of new services.

As a result, service providers of all kinds need to be sure that they can obtain virtualised solutions from their vendor partners that can be deployed quickly and easily in their data centres. At WTL, we’ve taken steps to ensure that our solutions are fully compatible with NFV investments. They can be deployed as virtual or physical entities, which means that our customers can be confident that they have chosen the right partner for critical network and service functions as they transform their networks.

If you are considering virtualisation or have already embarked on your transformation journey, you need to be sure that all the necessary infrastructure can support this shift. Why not talk to WTL and find out how our solutions can be deployed in your new virtual environments? Our experts will show you how key solutions, such as our multi service softswitch and session border controllers can support your virtualisation strategy.