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World Telecom Labs Adds VoIP App to Its Wholesale Rural Voice and Data System

16 May 2017 – World Telecom Labs (WTL) today announced a new voice component for Vivada Wholesale (Village Voice and Data), its multi-award winning system for building wholesale networks in rural Africa.

Vivada Wholesale was specifically developed so that wholesale carriers can build low OPEX, low-CAPEX networks in rural areas for use by multiple operators. The networks support all types of pre and post-paid customers with varying telecoms budgets including GSM for every type of handset; wifi connectivity for smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs – and connectivity to cybercafes and hotspot call cabins.

World Telecom Labs calls for infrastructure sharing in rural Africa and asks regulators to reassign frequency for public good

5 May 2017 – At the Innovation Africa Digital Summit held in Uganda last week, World Telecom Labs (WTL) called on regulators to use USF money to build wholesale networks in rural Africa – and to reallocate unused spectrum for these networks.

With infrastructure sharing now common across the continent, WTL firmly believes that the removal of the CAPEX cost of building a rural network will enable regulators to pressure previously reluctant operators to start offering services in these areas.

LTE Capacity Considerations

Planning LTE deployments must take account of the capacity required at the outset, but this is something of a moveable feast. Whatever you do at the beginning, your needs are likely to change based on contention, usage trends and observed performance. This means you need to actively plan capacity and embark on an effective programme of monitoring and dynamic adaptation, based on real user behaviour and experience. If you are offering SLAs, that’s another key factor – maintaining and ensuring that they meet requirements is demanding.