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World Telecoms Labs works with MVNO’s, MNO’s, ISP’s and Systems Integrators across the world to provide intelligent and agile solutions to their network challenges.

Our product portfolio provides our customers with a complete toolkit to solve problems in billing, network optimisation, messaging, switching, connectivity and service delivery. We’re trusted by operators and service providers worldwide because of our agile approach, our reliability and our creativity.

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World Telecom Labs Products

A range of powerful, flexible, SS7, Softswitch, SBC and SMS gateway products

We provide a complete range of products and solutions that solve key challenges for service providers.

Our range of powerful, flexible SS7, Softswitch, SBC and SMS gateway products is based on class-leading technology and proven in hundreds of deployments around the world, ensuring optimum performance and reliability.

  • Vivada Rural Connectivity

    GSM, Data & Money Transfer

    Complete business solution for sustainable GSM and data networks in rural areas

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  • Signalling & Interconnection

    SS7 signalling gateways

    Our SS7 over IP (SoIP) gateway offers the performance and flexibility you need for robust interconnection

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  • Customer Care

    Real-time subscriber management

    SW Admin is a complete subscriber management platform for all services and all traffic types

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  • Bandwidth Optimisation

    Network Optimisation Protocol

    Network Optimisation Protocol (NOP) is a unique, patented solution to provide more efficient bandwidth use

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  • Messaging

    Messaging and SMS Routing Hub

    A powerful platform that ensures successful messaging delivery with any mobile network

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  • Switching & Routing

    Softswitch and SBC products

    A complete range of NGN Softswitch, SBC, C4 and VoIP products for a range of business and network needs

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  • Value Added Services

    Value Added Service products

    Platforms to enable rich services to drive revenue, increase profit and attract new customers

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Recent Projects

  • ICN case study

    ICN Case Study

    Leading Nigerian Clearing House Expands WTL Platform

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  • ICN case study

    SoIP Case Study

    New VoIP operator signs for WTL’s SoIP Gateway

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